danielle gannett
February 14, 2024

Chris has been kind and straightforward throughout my experience working with him! He was the first person to go onto my roof when getting a quote which I really appreciated. I feel like no one has done such an inspection for a quote. They started the job on Monday, we’re wrapping up on Wednesday! His men were quick and kind. I appreciate the honest prices and the flexibility he had with my situation. Thank you again!

Chris is very personable and his team did a fantastic job on our roof. Not only does it look good, but they were fast and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves each day, after putting in a full day of work.

Haley Ruljancich
January 19, 2024

Bought a 110 year old investment property with a 20 year old roof. Chris was thousands less than his competitors and was able to remove to the chimney, install new vents and patch a hole where critters where getting in for the best price. His team completed the project in two days and it’s amazing.

Juan Cartagena
November 13, 2023

Chris and his crew did an amazing job on my house. They worked nonstop in order to beat the rain and finished the roof on time. After being done, they came back to do clean up and for drone inspection. If you need a roof done, look no further.

Anna Alvarez
November 4, 2023

I could not recommend Chris and pinnacle roofing more!! I am a real estate agent and he is my go to roofer. All of my clients that have gotten repairs or a new roof from Chris, have raved about the quality of work, price, and availability!! 6 stars!

Lily Foster
October 25, 2023

I highly recommend Pinnacle roofing! Chris and his team went above and beyond on not one but multiple projects I had on different properties. I did my research and had 3 estimates from different roofers. He not only came in competitively with price but went above what the other companies offered by detailing the job one step at a time for me to understand. He also provided pictures before and after of the interior attic crawl space and after. Patience, skill, stellar communicator and follow up. Bravo Chris!

Robyn F.
October 15, 2023

It’s hard to spend thousands of dollars on something you as the owner can’t really see. Pinnacle was fantastic to work with as they showed us all our issues, and explained all the dollar options. Chris was referred to us by a neighbor, and I also obtained other quotes from other companies. It feels great to use a local small company, and Pinnacle didn’t let us down. They used drone footage to show us the damaged plywood sheets that had been on our roof for 25 years plus. They had a good size crew that came out and completed our entire roof (and changed two skylights) in a quick, protective, clean and effective manner. Chris and his crew are great, and I would refer them to any home owner looking to get a quality, guaranteed and beautiful looking roof.

Stacy N.
October 10, 2023

I would HIGHLY recommend Chris & his team! In fact, I recommended them to several of my neighbors and Pinnacle has now replaced numerous roofs in my neighborhood! Finding someone who is dependable, honest and reasonable when it comes to getting a new roof can be difficult. Chris made the whole experience easy!

Larry Sierralar
October 3, 2023

Pinnacle Roofing was recommended by a company that purchases and restores homes for resale. Chris came out several times and provided valuable information before we opted to sign the contract with him. His crew knew what they were doing and did a very thorough job on cleanup. I definitely will use them again should the need arises.

Rob Campbell
September 30, 2023

Cris and his crew are first rate – one of the best roofing contractors in the Portland area. If I could rate them higher than 5 stars, I would !!

Diggy Styon
September 22, 2023

I’d give 6+ stars if I could. Chris, the owner, is one of the rare ones who actually truly cares about his customers and goes the extra mile to make sure the project is a success – even if that means stepping outside the box. The work was done on time, on quality and on budget – and the budget was fair and reasonable and only what was required without trying to upsell me. Chris isn’t greedy, and cares about having happy customers and good word of mouth. Pinnacle’s bid was almost half as much as the two other well known roofing companies, who both were recommending a new, more expensive type of horizontal venting system. Chris took the time to explain to me that these systems aren’t necessary and have some significant drawbacks, and that a traditional venting system is actually less expensive and requires less maintenance. I learned a lot from Chris and appreciated him taking the time to educate me so I could make informed decisions that were better for my house AND my wallet. Moreover, the culture of the company with his happy workers means that they are engaged and looking out for the homeowner in other ways. For example, they spotted and reported to me an issue with some masonry, and even though it’s “not their job” Chris has been helping me figure out how to solve the issue even though it’s not a roofing issue. This is next level customer service and I give Pinnacle the highest possible recommendation! Don’t hire another roofer if you live in Portland area. Also, they are FAST!!! knocked it out in two days and I have a very steep roof (another roofing company wouldn’t even give me a bid, because it was too steep and there were four layers of old roofs that needed to come off). Chris wasn’t afraid of a tough project and the end result is excellent. You can look

C Smith
March 16, 2023

It can be hard to find good contractors, especially roofers. Chris with Pinnacle is head and shoulders above the rest. He has come out to our new property two times and has provided SUPER valuable advice and not charged a cent. He is a true honest professional who is willing to do the research even if he doesn’t have the answer on hand. We will never use another roofer!!